I am excited and pleased to introduce you to my website and delighted to share my reverence for the natural world with you through photo media. My photography has been an adventure and, likewise, my camera has been my constant traveling companion. Many years ago, I discovered the joys of photography by way of gift. My uncle, and mentor, presented me with a treasured Pentax 35mm sold under the Sears & Roebuck name. The joys of that first camera have been returned many times over throughout my career as a self-taught photographer.

My passions for nature, travel, and photography have taken me across the U.S. in search of the beauty of vast open spaces to the hidden treasures of a Northwest rainforest. Road trips from the California Sierras, through our National Parks, and to the rocky coast of Maine have revealed a geography so diverse I have returned time and again. I am particularly drawn to the exploration of natural light sources--like the sky at sunset or the illumination of a lone pier at dusk. I am confident you will find my energy and capacity for adventure reflected in my expansive print collection.

Twenty five years as a professional photographer have given me opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and to have served a broad and diverse client base as far reaching as Europe and across North America. In 2008, I realized a lifelong dream with the celebrated opening of the Dankha Gallery in Seal Beach, CA. Housed in the iconic 141 Main Street Bob's Rexall building, it opened to great reviews by local (The Seal Beach newspaper) and reginal publication (The OC register). It?s been very satisfying to become an established, respected, and integral part of this ocean side business community. I invite you to drop by.

As you browse the online gallery and read the excerpts, I trust you will draw a sense of my appreciation and love for our country's natural beauty and wildlife. I invite you to sign the guestbook and share your travel adventure or favorite destination. I'd love to hear your story.

I hope you will find my pursuit of travel and adventure infectious and visit the website like a favorite destination.

Happy trails,
John Dankha
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