From casual to elegant, office to board room, John Dankha Photography has the capacity to create a distinctly inviting atmosphere. Photography is timeless; and, the ability of exceptional images to enhance and complement the finished interior design process is enduring. Elements of the natural environment all present opportunity to balance the subtle tones and colors of fixtures and furnishings and lend to the mood of the built environment.
A home installation in Seal Beach California

A contemporary home install in Munich, Germany
The use of photography in high end residential and commercial settings aligns John Dankha Photograhy with design projects in homes, studios, hotels, restaurants, and corporate environments. Landscape photography appeals to green design, as well, as it reflects the changing consciousness toward our natural environment.

Dedication to the collaborative process sets John Dankha Photography apart from others. Assistance in achieving the design vision for your home or commercial setting and a personal introduction to the print collection are yours. You are invited to make a personal appointment or feel free to drop by the Dankha Gallery--one block up from the pier in Seal Beach, CA.
A home installation in Austin, Texas
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